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Are you ready to begin your healing journey and manifest the life you desire? 
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Start your healing process

Investing in a Remote Holistic Healing Package is the best way for us to work together to give yourself and your healing process the time, attention and commitment you deserve. This is accomplished from the comfort of your home using Zoom technology.

This unique experience combines my strong clairvoyant and mediumship abilities with Reiki talents to help rebalance your energy centers and heal physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. We work together through Zoom to create a tailored session, and enhance this with communication between sessions. 


What's Included

Integrated Healing Sessions

One-hour recurring integrated healing sessions (weekly or bi-weekly). Packages are for three or six sessions. 

Specifically Tailored to You

Each session is tailored to your needs at the moment, creating a blend of Reiki, Mediumship and Psychic Healing.

Email + Phone Check-Ins

Email and phone check-ins are included for each session. These are used for intuitive insights, and to discuss any questions, clarifications, and updates you may have. 

Helpful Tools + Techniques

You will receive tools and techniques to use immediately in your daily life - tailored to your needs to integrate and focus your healing.

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Package Pricing

60 minute session package, plus additional check-ins before and after.
3 Sessions - $275 
6 Sessions - $525

All sessions are via Zoom unless otherwise stated.

“My expanded experience with Karen was such a tremendous gift. Her ability to seamlessly weave uplifting guidance, targeted healing, and compassionate direction from her basket of gifts has been an ever-changing and ever-expanding blessing. The beauty of receiving consistently regular sessions allowed us to build on the conduit she accesses within the physical, energetic, spiritual, and divine realms.


Every session varied so individually and although it was uniquely distinct, each subsequent exchange built on the previous experience and collectively allowed for enormous shifts and incredible movement. As she is guided to tailor her treasure chest of offerings to each client, the result has been deeply impactful, memorable, and revealing. A truly beautiful soul, Karen created precious, cherished, and encompassing encounters each and every time. Sessions with Karen are not to be missed!” 

Suzanne G.

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