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How can I help?

Through my experiences as a Medium, Psychic, Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor, and Crystal Energy Guide, I can support you in a variety of ways. I will tailor my expertise during our time to address your needs, implementing what we choose together to bring about the most healing session for you in a loving, compassionate manner.


Communication is an integral part of our time together. We’ll connect by Zoom, phone, and email to dialogue before, during and after your session.


Mediumship Readings

Psychic Readings

Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing + Restorative Yoga or Crystal Energy


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Reiki Master Karen Courson

About Karen

   As with many of us, my journey has been a spiraling road that ultimately brought healing and joy. A lifelong love of yoga led me to earning Teacher Certification through the Himalayan Institute twelve years ago, while continuing my 25 year passion as an elementary school teacher. 

   While teaching Hatha Yoga and Restorative Yoga, I discovered that gently laying my hands on students’ backs while in restorative poses allowed for an energy that helped them to release tension and emotions, furthering their healing. With this discovery I continued through several levels of Reiki training to become a Reiki Master, which included the delightful experience of working with animals. 

     I was amazed and joyful to find when sharing Reiki that I’d intuit insightful, valuable information about the client’s physical and emotional needs, and how to direct the healing energy. This led to learning, and incorporating, Crystal Energy, Vibrational Energy, Psychic Intuition, and Mediumship.          

    Becoming a Medium has been the biggest surprise and thrill for me. With a little reluctance I took my first Mediumship course and discovered that I can bring through and communicate with souls across the veil with ease and joy. Now I’m offering Mediumship along with the Psychic Readings,  Reiki, Crystal Healing and Restorative Yoga to enhance lifelong healing for clients. This is accomplished within the comfort and convenience of their own home. 


What my clients say . . .

Receiving reiki from Karen was such an incredibly powerful experience! I’ve had reiki sessions in the past although nothing compares! Karen's beautifully intense transmission embodied a lovingly honed laser sharp focus that’s rippling impact was felt for days! What a tremendous gift, indeed!

Suzanne G.


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